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AEG Employee Spotlight: Ellie Watkins Account Specialist

June 8, 2023 in AEG News


I’m a Recruiter and an Account Specialist for AEG’s Enterprise Holdings account. My day-to-day involves connecting the right professionals to the right opportunities, while also providing coverage on our Enterprise roles. I love communicating with the Enterprise team to learn how we can better help them fill their job openings.   How long have you […]


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AEG Employee Spotlight: Chief Operating Officer Chris Rakel

May 30, 2023 in AEG News


1. Tell us about what you do at AEG. While I’m still customer-facing for a select few accounts, my primary responsibility is to lead AEG and the amazing team we’ve assembled. Every day is different, but I’m working towards focusing solely on strategy and achieving the goals we have set for the company as a […]


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AEG Employee Spotlight: Account Specialist Rachel Micheletti

May 10, 2023 in AEG News


Tell us about what you do at AEG. I collaborate with my team to find top talent for our partners looking for passionate, driven individuals to join them in their work. After taking the time to thoroughly research each career opportunity we offer, I clearly communicate AEG’s career opportunities to candidates while making sure the […]


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AEG Employee Spotlight: Recruiter & Diversity Ambassador Emille Koebbe

May 3, 2023 in AEG News


Tell us about what you do at AEG. As an AEG recruiter, I source talent from engineering, communication, and science backgrounds from all over the country, and I match their skillsets and career aspirations with global and local companies.   As AEG’s Diversity Ambassador, I promote, implement, and improve DE&I initiatives among our team and […]


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Creating an Inclusive Environment: STL Rethinks Talent Webinar Insights

May 1, 2023 in AEG News


Recently, AEG’s Diversity Ambassador, Emille Koebbe, had the privilege of attending the STL Rethinks Talent webinar in St. Louis, which focused on initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace. Read on as we explore Emille’s key takeaways from the webinar, highlighting inspiring stories and valuable insights.   The Power of Community: […]


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AEG Employee Spotlight: Account Manager Matt Blaylock

April 26, 2023 in AEG News


Tell us about what you do at AEG. I’m an account manager responsible for building and maintaining strong partnerships with our clients.   How long have you been with the company? Since February of 2022.   What inspires you most about working on the AEG team? I love watching how connected the team is with […]


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AEG Employee Spotlight: Recruiter Alison Kear

April 19, 2023 in AEG News


Tell us about what you do at AEG. I am a Technical Recruiter for AEG. My daily tasks include reviewing job descriptions and candidate profiles, sourcing for candidates, and building professional relationships with people from all across the country.   How long have you been with the company? I started at AEG in January of […]


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AEG Scoop

April 6, 2023 in AEG News


Welcome to the latest edition of AEG Scoop! As we continue to navigate this challenging economic and hiring landscape, we’re excited to share with you all the ways we’re adapting to better serve our partners, candidates, and St. Louis community. In this edition, you’ll get an up-close look at some of the exciting developments that […]


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AEG Employee Spotlight: Founder and Board Member Mark Church

March 28, 2023 in AEG News


Tell us about what you do at AEG. Though I have stepped back from day-to-day operational responsibilities, I remain on the board, guiding our team through challenges that arise, providing strategic insight as needed, and advancing the mission of AEG. Daily activities are handled by our outstanding leadership team.   What inspired you to start […]


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AEG’s Diversity Program Launch for a Stronger World of Work

March 1, 2023 in AEG News


We value diversity in all its forms—from professional backgrounds and skills to personal identities and beliefs. In the world of technology, we need people from all walks of life to help build the future of our industry.   The AEG team is deliberate and self-reflective about the kind of workplace and culture we are building, […]


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