Do Contract Jobs Have Benefits? At AEG They Do!

by AEG on April 30, 2024 in Uncategorized

Whether you’re a contract employee through a staffing agency or directly with your employer, it’s exceedingly rare for contractors to receive the same level of benefits as their full-time counterparts.


Federal and state labor laws like those requiring minimum wage, overtime, and other workplace protections are usually reserved for full-time employees. These rules are there to make sure companies treat their hired staff fairly.  But, if you’re working as a contractor, it’s a different story.


At AEG, we proudly go against the grain, offering comprehensive benefits to our contracted staff—an uncommon practice in the staffing and recruiting industry. In doing so, we not only ensure you’re well-compensated for your expertise, but we also invest in your future. Unlike typical contract roles that may last only a few weeks, our positions often extend over multiple years, providing stability and the opportunity for lasting impact in your career.


Read on as we dive into the details of AEG’s benefits offerings, so you can see exactly how we go the extra mile to support our entire team, full-time and contracted alike.


A Personalized Benefits Experience

Understanding that each employee has unique needs and goals, we offer a flexible benefits package that allows our team members to choose the options that best suit their individual and family needs.


Whether it’s selecting health coverage, enjoying paid time off, or planning for the future with our IRA plan, our employees have the freedom to tailor their benefits as they see fit.


Going Beyond the Norm

What truly sets AEG apart in the staffing industry is our commitment to the well-being of all our team members, including our contractors. We support our diverse workforce with visa sponsorship, ensuring international talent can overcome barriers thanks to AEG.


Moreover, our unique wellness initiative, which includes a monthly stipend for health club memberships, underscores our commitment to supporting work-life balance and overall well-being.


Continuous Communication and Support

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your benefits. Our dedicated team makes certain every employee is well-informed about their options.


From the initial screening process to ongoing support, our recruiters and HR professionals are always available to guide our team members through their benefits, helping them make the most out of what AEG offers.


Impact and Outcomes

We’ve seen firsthand how offering comprehensive benefits and visa sponsorships can significantly enhance employee satisfaction and retention. Many of our contractors have shared how these benefits have not only changed their professional journey but also their personal lives.


Take one of our network engineers, Michael, for example. He’s always valued health and wellness, and with our robust health coverage, he feels well taken care of.


But what really sealed the deal for him was the IRA plan and the flexible paid time off. His ability to manage work alongside his love for travel and family time has been a game changer for him.


“The flexibility and support AEG offers have allowed me to both excel in my role as well as enjoy my passions outside of work,” Michael said. “It’s rare to find a company that genuinely cares about your well-being and success as much as AEG does. I get to be my best self on this team.”


Measuring Success

Our ultimate measure of success is the happiness and well-being of our employees. When our team feels cared for and valued, they bring their best selves to work, driving AEG’s overall performance and success.


At AEG, we actively listen to our team members. Employee feedback is crucial to shaping a benefits package that truly reflects the needs of our team. Through regular satisfaction surveys, we stay in tune with our employees’ needs, adjusting our offerings based on their valuable insights.


As our team grows, so too will our benefits package. We are continually assessing how we can enhance our offerings to better serve our team and reinforce our position as a leading employer in the staffing industry.


Ready to advance your career with a company that truly values your well-being? Come find out what makes AEG a different kind of staffing firm—where your talents are nurtured, and your success is celebrated.


Explore career opportunities with us today and see how we put our people first, every step of the way.