Diverse & Inclusive Recruitment

Embracing Differences, Driving Success

Everyone is Welcome at AEG

No matter where you are in the world of work, you deserve to feel wanted and welcomed. As a minority owned business, we deeply understand the power that comes from a team with unique perspectives and life experiences.


That’s why we’re breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for everyone we work alongside to thrive, regardless of their background—because it’s the right thing to do. No matter your culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, ability, or any other aspect of your identity, you belong at AEG.

Our Values in Action


More than just lip service, we ensure our words align with our actions by incorporating these values into all aspects of our recruiting, hiring, promotions, and professional development efforts.


We know fostering workplace inclusion isn’t limited to our internal measures alone. We’re dedicated to being a responsible and equitable partner in the broader St. Louis community, extending our positive impact beyond our four walls.

Our Objectives

Increase diversity in our workforce and leadership teams

Create an inclusive workplace where all employees continue to feel valued and respected

Provide equal opportunities for all employees to succeed and advance in their careers

Use our skills and tech industry knowledge to support our communities

How We’re Hitting the Target

Employee Resource Groups

AEG supports employee resource groups (ERGs) to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplace

Employee Training and Development

We provide regular DE&I training and development programs for all employees to help foster a more inclusive workplace

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

We’ve established a task force dedicated to ensuring our DE&I initiatives and programs are effective and aligned with our goals and objectives

Meet Our Diversity Ambassador

We are thrilled to introduce our Diversity Ambassador, Emille Koebbe, who is also a key member of our recruitment team. Emille has a deep understanding of the challenges that underrepresented groups face in the tech job market, and she’s dedicated to creating opportunities for them.


“As AEG’s Diversity Ambassador, my mission is to promote, implement, and improve DE&I initiatives within our community and workplace. To me, diversity, equity, and inclusion mean embracing your identity and heritage while feeling heard, valued, and represented in all aspects of life. As an immigrant Latina woman in the US workforce, I’ve faced cultural and linguistic barriers, which fuels my commitment to using my voice to promote DE&I, inspired by organizations like AEG that share these values.”


Learn more about her here, and feel free to send any questions or comments regarding AEG’s DE&I commitment to emille.koebbe@aeg-inc.com.

From Vision to Victory


Progress requires a balance of active listening and action. At AEG, our ears and hearts are always open, and we’re constantly striving to do better. We track progress towards our DE&I goals and objectives through regular employee communication, as well as consistent evaluations of our DE&I initiatives and programs.


We’re proud to challenge systemic bias and build a culture of belonging that reflects our shared values and aspirations. We can’t wait to move forward together.

Join us in creating a more welcoming world of work for all. If you’re interested in learning more about how AEG’s commitment to inclusion positively impacts our services, reach out to our team today.