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Do Contract Jobs Have Benefits? At AEG They Do!

April 30, 2024 in Uncategorized


Whether you’re a contract employee through a staffing agency or directly with your employer, it’s exceedingly rare for contractors to receive the same level of benefits as their full-time counterparts.   Federal and state labor laws like those requiring minimum wage, overtime, and other workplace protections are usually reserved for full-time employees. These rules are […]


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Tech Job Market Insights: Trends, Opportunities, and In-Demand Skills for 2024

December 12, 2023 in Uncategorized


Generative AI may have dominated 2023, but it’s not the only tech-related opportunity we’re tracking for the months ahead. As the year winds down and another begins, we’re looking at the tech trends reshaping our industry, the emerging opportunities ahead, and the in-demand skills your team needs to stay competitive within the ever-changing technology sector. […]


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Tapping into the Gig Economy: Exploring the Benefits of Hiring Contract Employees for Your IT and Engineering Initiatives

October 30, 2023 in Uncategorized


Imagine having access to the right IT and engineering talent, exactly when and where you need it. Embracing this level of agility is essential for staying competitive, much like a skilled quarterback reading the defense and making split-second decisions is crucial for scoring touchdowns.   Contractors can be the playmakers you’re searching for, delivering on-demand […]


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