Impress Your Interviewer
with These Remote Interview Best Practices


Are you preparing for a virtual interview? These tips will set you up for success in your remote job interview process.

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Organize your space


While you can wear your sweatpants if you want to, it’s important to display professionalism through your computer screen. Do this by ensuring you have a clean, well-lit, and uncluttered background. Keeping your surroundings free of distractions fixes the interviewer’s focus right where it should be— on you.

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Prepare for technical difficulties


Scrambling to fix a computer or software issue minutes before your interview is no way to start off your meeting. Not to mention, an issue happening during your call will break the flow of conversation. Before your interview, ask roommates or family members to turn off their Wi-Fi and Google search “Internet speed test” to check that your upload speed is strong. Taking this step ensures your call and conversation stays connected.

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Rehearse your lines


Avoid speaking too quickly or too slowly—you don’t want to bore or confuse your interviewer. Try watching a few TED Talks and emulate those speakers’ speech pace and poise. Additionally, look directly into your webcam often and use hand gestures to emphasize important or exciting points. When people can connect with you through dialogue and body language, they’re more likely to trust you.

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Be interested


Do your research on the company beforehand and make a list of questions to ask about the organization, the team you’d be working with, or the tools you’d be using each day. If you can, Google search your interviewer to explore content they might have created or even posts they’ve engaged with on social media. When you inevitably run out of things to chat about, ask them about that blog they posted, the volunteer work they do, or a conference they spoke at. By asking questions and engaging your interviewer, you show your interest in them and in the company.

Job searching and interview prep can be a challenge.

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