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AEG Employee Spotlight: Ethan Ormson, Intern

June 20, 2024 in AEG News


What are you studying in college, and why did you choose that major? Are you part of any groups on campus? I’m pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications, because I’m interested in improving my communication and comprehension skills. I’m a member of Delta Upsilon Fraternity and the Mizzou Electronic Music Organization.   Do you have […]


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AEG Employee Spotlight: Peyton McNabb, Recruiter

May 28, 2024 in AEG News


Tell us about what you do at AEG. I am a recruiter specializing in IT and engineering. My main role involves finding potential candidates, conducting thorough screenings, and building strong connections between these jobseekers and our clients.   How long have you been with the company? I have been with AEG since January 2024, and […]


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SIA Names AEG a 2024 Best Staffing Firm to Work For

April 3, 2024 in AEG News


St. Louis, Missouri – AEG, a leading IT and engineering staffing and recruiting firm in the Midwest, is honored to announce its recognition as one of the SIA Best Staffing Firms to Work For in 2024.   This year, over 400 staffing firms vied for the title, participating in a comprehensive evaluation program designed to […]


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How to Build Your Personal Brand at Work

March 27, 2024 in AEG News


When you think of personal branding, do you think of celebrities endorsing products, politicians navigating their public image, or influencers shaping perceptions through social media? What if we told you that you had the power to wield the same level of influence at work and even in the technology industry as a whole (no TikTok […]


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Connecting Talent, Building Community: AEG’s 2023 in Review

January 8, 2024 in AEG News


With 2023 drawn to a close and 2024 off to a strong start, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on a year filled with remarkable achievements, impactful partnerships, and unwavering dedication to our community. It’s been a journey of exceeding expectations, pushing boundaries, and most importantly, making a positive difference in the lives […]


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AEG Employee Spotlight: Kyle Dismukes, Recruiter

November 8, 2023 in AEG News


Tell us about what you do at AEG. I am a recruiter! My main responsibility is acting as a bridge between our clients and potential candidates looking for their next great opportunity. I work to understand our clients’ hiring needs, including the specific skills, qualifications, and cultural fit they’re looking for in candidates. On the […]


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One Candidate’s Journey to H-1B Visa Sponsorship Success

September 19, 2023 in AEG News


The H-1B visa application process can be a labyrinth of uncertainty, leaving many feeling anxious and confused. The good news is, you don’t have to go the journey alone thanks to AEG’s sponsorship program.   In this testimonial, we unveil how AEG simplified the complex H-1B visa process for our candidate, Pavan, turning it into […]


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Job Search Success Story: One Tech Pro’s Journey with AEG

August 29, 2023 in AEG News


Recently, our talented Recruiter and Diversity Ambassador Emille Koebbe, had the pleasure of reaching out to an outstanding candidate, Maninder, via LinkedIn. Recognizing Maninder’s interest in exploring new opportunities, Emille initiated a conversation that would lead to an exciting step forward in his tech career.   Unique Aspects of Working with AEG AEG stood out […]


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Small Acts, Big Impact: Using Microaffirmations to Combat Microaggressions in the Workplace

August 9, 2023 in AEG News


In recent years, companies have placed significant emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, recognizing the importance of creating diverse and welcoming work environments.   However, some organizations are now cutting back on these efforts, viewing them as unnecessary or ineffective. This is a mistake. DE&I programs are essential, and their impact should not […]


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