Chris Rakel and Eric Ormson: Two Visionaries Redefining Company Growth with Honesty and Heart


Meet Chris, COO and Eric, Managing Director of AEG—the dynamic duo redefining business who are perfect for your podcast. Together they bring a wealth of experience, a commitment to authentic relationships, and a dedication to reshaping the world of business through real, honest conversations.

Chris Rakel

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Rakel is on a mission to change the staffing industry’s narrative, emphasizing authenticity and intentionality. With a passion for excellence, resourceful solutions, and motivational leadership, Chris sparks positive change as a company leader.

Eric Ormson

Managing Director

Eric Ormson fuels AEG’s company culture, building a space where every team member thrives. He also has crafted a brand that inspires pride and authenticity within its customers and employees alike. In the fast-paced staffing industry, he takes the necessary time to forge meaningful connections.

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