Creating an Inclusive Environment: STL Rethinks Talent Webinar Insights

by AEG on May 1, 2023 in AEG News

Recently, AEG’s Diversity Ambassador, Emille Koebbe, had the privilege of attending the STL Rethinks Talent webinar in St. Louis, which focused on initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace. Read on as we explore Emille’s key takeaways from the webinar, highlighting inspiring stories and valuable insights.


The Power of Community: International Spouses of St. Louis

“This webinar was a great opportunity to learn more about initiatives in St. Louis promoting a safe and inclusive working environment,” said Emille.


One of the presenters at the webinar, Susan Dealis Gobbo, shared a story that deeply resonated with Emille.


“She mentioned how moving to St. Louis from a different country was overwhelming and challenging for her, as she had to rebuild her network and adapt to a new culture all at once,” noted Emille. “When she arrived in St. Louis, Susan was unable to find institutions that provided the support immigrants like her needed.”

Susan’s journey prompted her to act, and she founded the International Spouses of St. Louis. Their mission is to support expat spouses and families through networking events, group outings, and tours around the city. “I felt so inspired after Susan’s presentation!” Emille shared.


Susan’s initiative showcases the power of community in helping individuals feel connected, valued, and empowered. Her story serves as an inspiration to all of us at AEG as we continue creating an inclusive work environment for our team.


Unveiling Hidden Identities: The Importance of Active Feedback

Another thought-provoking piece of insight from the webinar highlighted the behavior of historically underprivileged groups in the workplace.


“The majority of these employees find themselves hiding certain aspects of their personalities or cultures in order to fit in with their coworkers. To me, this reemphasized the importance of actively seeking feedback from all employees. Promoting open conversation within your organization is crucial to not only advancing DE&I efforts, but also for ensuring employees feel safe to bring their true selves to work,” said Emille.


Creating an open and inclusive dialogue within organizations is essential for advancing DE&I efforts. When employees feel safe and encouraged to bring their true selves to work, they can fully contribute their unique perspectives and talents. By actively seeking feedback, leaders can uncover barriers that hinder employees from expressing their authentic selves, and work towards dismantling those barriers.


Attending the STL Rethinks Talent’s webinar on creating safe and inclusive workplaces left a lasting impact on Emille and our entire team. The stories and insights shared during the webinar reinforced the importance of our work in fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance within our own office and community.


As we move forward, it is vital to continue learning, advocating, and implementing strategies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplaces. By doing so, we can create environments where everyone feels safe, valued, and empowered to bring their whole selves to work. Stay tuned for more updates on community events and initiatives we attend as we strive for a more inclusive future!


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