AEG’s Diversity Program Launch for a Stronger World of Work

by AEG on March 1, 2023 in AEG News

We value diversity in all its forms—from professional backgrounds and skills to personal identities and beliefs. In the world of technology, we need people from all walks of life to help build the future of our industry.


The AEG team is deliberate and self-reflective about the kind of workplace and culture we are building, seeking individuals who are not only strong in their own abilities but care deeply about supporting each other’s growth. We recognize all our employees’ points of view are crucial to the wellbeing of our company, and inclusion is everyone’s responsibility.


From AEG’s inception as a minority-owned business, diversity and inclusion have always been key to our success. Diversity not only includes race and gender, but also age, disability status, veteran status, sexual orientation, religion and many other aspects of personal identity. We’re an Equal Opportunity Employer and our teammates are people who share a passion for improving the lives of others no matter their different strengths, experiences, and backgrounds.


That said, the AEG team is thrilled to announce the launch of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) program aimed at fostering a more inclusive world of work in our St. Louis community and beyond. We recognize the importance of creating a sense of belonging in the workplace, not only to guarantee fair hiring practices but also to foster a culture of respect and collaboration.


With this in mind, we’ve developed a comprehensive DE&I program that will be integrated into all aspects of our operations. Our commitment includes the following key components:


AEG’s Diversity Ambassador Program: Emille Koebbe, who is also a key member of our recruitment team, will serve as AEG’s Diversity Ambassador, furthering our commitment to creating an organization where everyone continues to thrive.


Employee Training and Development: All employees will have access to DE&I training and development programs to foster a more inclusive workplace.


Community Outreach: The AEG team will work to build relationships with underrepresented groups and develop partnerships with organizations that support diversity and inclusion across St. Louis.


Measuring Success: We track areas for improvement and progress towards our DE&I goals and objectives through regular employee communication, as well as consistent evaluations of our initiatives and programs.


Our ears and hearts are always open, and we’re constantly striving to better serve both our internal team members and everyone we partner with. We invite feedback and suggestions from our business partners, jobseekers, employees, and community partners throughout this journey. For more information on our commitment to DE&I, please click.


Interested in partnering with AEG or learning more about how our commitment to inclusion positively impacts our services? Reach out to our team today.