AEG Employee Spotlight: Kyle Dismukes, Recruiter

by AEG on November 8, 2023 in AEG News

Tell us about what you do at AEG.

I am a recruiter! My main responsibility is acting as a bridge between our clients and potential candidates looking for their next great opportunity. I work to understand our clients’ hiring needs, including the specific skills, qualifications, and cultural fit they’re looking for in candidates. On the flip side, I get to know candidates, so I can effectively guide them throughout their job search and find them their ideal role.


How long have you been with the company?

I have been at AEG for 4 months.


What inspires you most about working on the AEG team?

I am inspired by the drive and positive energy the entire team brings to the office every day. I was welcomed with open arms, and I’m so thankful for how helpful all of my colleagues have been in getting me started in my role.


How does AEG support your career and personal goals?

AEG is the perfect environment for me to start my career; everyone on the team is a phenomenal role model for me. Not to mention, we have a blast working together!


What’s the #1 quality you feel is important to achieving success in the staffing industry?

I think the most important quality in the staffing industry is communication and people skills. At AEG, we really pride ourselves on the fact that we want to help people, and those skills make supporting our clients and candidates much easier.


What are the toughest challenges you’ve had at work? The biggest wins?

The toughest challenge I’ve had is learning all the different processes. I would also call that my biggest win—I have come so far since starting, and I’m really getting in a good groove.


What’s a unique trait or something that differentiates you from others in your position?

I feel I add to the sense of fun in the office. I love being around people, especially this team. I love coming to work every day!


What’s the biggest benefit to partnering with a staffing firm in a job search/search for talent?

Because of AEG’s solid reputation for providing great talent, our client relationships are strong. This definitely helps the candidates we submit, as they benefit from the trust and credibility we’ve built over the years. Clients are more inclined to give serious consideration to candidates we recommend, knowing our track record for delivering high-quality professionals aligns with their expectations for success in their open roles and projects. With us, you won’t get lost in a sea of resumes.


If you could give one piece of advice to a candidate/client, what would it be?

I would tell candidates to always be themselves in interviews and really let their skills and experiences carry them the rest of the way.


What’s your favorite thing to do in St. Louis?

I love going to Cardinals and Blues games with friends and family. I am and will always be an enormous St. Louis sports fan.