One Candidate’s Journey to H-1B Visa Sponsorship Success

by AEG on September 19, 2023 in AEG News

The H-1B visa application process can be a labyrinth of uncertainty, leaving many feeling anxious and confused. The good news is, you don’t have to go the journey alone thanks to AEG’s sponsorship program.


In this testimonial, we unveil how AEG simplified the complex H-1B visa process for our candidate, Pavan, turning it into a smooth and successful path towards his goals.


A Smooth Journey with AEG’s Support

Pavan’s H-1B journey with AEG began in 2018 when his application entered the lottery. In 2020, his application was selected and approved within just one month! “It was a smooth process, and the AEG team provided unwavering support,” said Pavan.


When asked about the most significant challenges he faced during the H-1B application process, Pavan revealed he encountered no noteworthy obstacles. AEG and our wonderful legal team made a complex process appear surprisingly simple.


Unmatched Support and Guidance

The AEG team meticulously collected all requisite documents from our client, ensuring Pavan had all the necessary elements for a successful H-1B filing. When it came time for the H-1B extension, AEG expedited the process, and Pavan received approval in less than 10 days!


The Positive Impact of H-1B on the Candidate’s Life

Obtaining an H-1B visa has profoundly impacted both Pavan’s personal and professional life. Beyond securing the H-1B visa, AEG’s sponsorship also set Pavan on the path towards long-term settlement in the United States through the Employment-Based Immigrant Visa process.


As a non-immigrant student, having the H-1B provided him with peace of mind concerning his immigration status, allowing him to focus on his professional growth goals.


A New Perspective on Immigration

Receiving AEG’s support has transformed Pavan’s perspective on the immigration process. While many people have a much more time-consuming and difficult experience, AEG streamlined Pavan’s journey by providing exceptional documentation and unwavering support from initiation to conclusion.


For others contemplating an H-1B application through AEG’s sponsorship program, Pavan’s advice is simple: “The immigration process with AEG is transparent. If you have any questions, ask! If one individual doesn’t have an answer, they’ll guide you to someone else who does.”


The journey to obtaining an H-1B visa through AEG’s sponsorship program has been nothing short of remarkable for Pavan. We’re proud to have been involved in his first steps to a long-lasting professional journey in the United States.


Want to be AEG’s next sponsorship success story? Reach out to us today, and we’ll bridge the gap between you and your goals.